Helpful Advice and Information Handling Pike

Unfortunately the misconception that the pike is a ruthless killer that is ferocious and awkward to handle is nothing but fairy tale, the pike itself is very delicate fish, it does not like to be handled and is extremely vulnerable to damage from bad handling practices. Make sure that before fishing you have at hand the necessary items of tackle to aid and assist you in the handling and unhooking of your fish safely. Firstly you will require a large unhooking mat to lay your fish on, do not handle your fish with dry hands or a rag, and always wet your hands prior to handling. A long and a shorter pair of forceps and a quality pair of cutters that will easily chop hooks are required. A landing net with a fish / hook safe mesh in it is also an asset.

In summer pike can be quite lively and can gas themselves up quite badly if you suspect a fish with this problem ,normally I find it will have difficulty settling in the water possibly rolling over on to its side , I have found the only thing to do is to get above the fish in the water gently massaging its sides you will see the air being expelled by the fish, this can take anything up to half an hour , when you feel that the fish is ready, maybe no more air being expelled or getting a little restless, gently grasp the fish by the root of the tail she will soon let you know she is ready by leaving you soaking wet from her powerful tail fin as she departs very rapidly back to the depths from where she came .When you are fishing on a river be extremely careful when releasing a fish like this because if not fully recovered it will pop up in the middle of the river on its side leaving you with no access to the fish from the bank, unfortunately means this fish could probably die from drowning.

one thing that I do before each session is to run my fingers down probably the last 20ft of line on the reel spool you should be able to feel any partial cuts or abrasions to the line, if this is the case cut away the damaged part of the line and re-rig ,don’t forget to cut up the offending line into short pieces to avoid them causing any harm to birds/wildlife etc.Dont forget to clear any discarded rubbish and tackle from your swim prior to leaving it for the next person.