Fishing Locations Around The United Kingdom

British Record Pike — 46lb 13oz
1992 R. Lewis, Llandegfedd, Wales.


The pike cannot be mistaken for any other fish with its long streamlined body, its superb camouflage Markings, eyesight and its formidable sense of smell. With its dorsal and anal fins located to the rear of the body in front of its large tail, adapts it perfectly for that all important speed that it uses, in its ambush for prey. Most of the time the pike lies in wait well camouflaged in reed or weed beds seemingly motionless .It does not need to feed every day especially in very cold conditions , It may not feed for days on end. When it’s time to feed the prey is normally taken from the side and then turned in the mouth before being swallowed head first. Pike will only do this, if you can find them! So it’s all down to location , it is always better to spend time on two or three waters and get to know them well, as to fish a different water each week chasing reports, the fish was more or likely caught by someone who knew the venue and location was his knowledge of that water.

Right time and place led to this very quick capture, about 5 minutes fishing and 30 years learning.

The pike's preferred food is a fish of around a tenth to a fifth of its own body weight, but can also swallow much larger meals as well as, mammals, frogs, and small birds. However, pike usually eat only about two and a half times their own body weight in a year, so making that knowledge of location an awesome advantage to you. Whether you fish a river, lake or fen drain, a water containing pike is one which not only provides shallow weedy areas suitable for spawning but also offers plenty of cover for this predatory fish. Prime ambush areas for pike include sharp drop offs, sunken trees or shallow water by reeds where pike frequently lie in wait for prey, using their superb camouflage to remain hidden. It is the knowledge of these areas in different weather conditions and times of year that will help you track your prey, just like the pike itself!
In the next few weeks I will be covering location in more depth, with seasonal changes in feeding and spawning to help you find those likely areas on your water to visit.