All you need to know about pike and baits

At www.just-pike– our aim is to supply you the pike fisherman the best quality baits available from the leading suppliers across the country. All of these baits have been tried and tested by myself and colleges and there leaves no doubt in my mind as to their pike catching capabilities as well as quality and freshness.

Bream - skimmer bream as I call them are a top quality pike bait i like to use them myself on a paternoster rig on the rivers that I fish. They are relatively light bait for their size and casting them any distance can be a problem. They are also a slow sinking bait which makes them a good wobbled bait.

Roach - a good tough bait that is ideal for repetitive casting or long distance work they also pop up very well. I like the way the scales fall off when they hit the water, slowly sinking and resting on the bottom alongside the bait itself.

Pike - pike are a very good tough bait they cast very well and last a long time .I have used them on a number of occasions on the Norfolk broads with good results.

Eels - eels are a very hardy bait with an extremely tough skin, they can be used whole or chopped into sections .A good distance bait that seems to stay on the hooks whatever abuse you give it.

Lamprey - another eel like bait very tough and extremely bloody even after hours in water it can be used whole but preferably in sections because of all the blood that it emits.

Perch - a seldom used bait with most pike anglers but a bait not to be overlooked on waters that contain them. Care should be taken when handling perch because their skin is very rough like sandpaper and the dorsal fin has sharp spikes, they are probably best used whole.

Gudgeon - a good all round pike bait, when I was a lad I fished with nothing else, they were very easy to obtain locally and plenty of pike were caught on them.


Herring - my own favourite bait a silver coloured fish with thousands of shimmering scales that fall off on hitting the water I am sure that these act as a wonderful attractor. When purchased fresh from beach boats the herrings are quite stiff and are in their prime, I am never without this bait in my cooler bag. They take to colouring very well and are fished either whole or in sections and pop up quite well with a piece of foam.

Sardine - A good smelling very oily fish soft skinned also but with a bit of clever hooking can still be cast, not a bait for frequent casting fished whole or in half’s.

Mackerel - A nice dense heavy bait with a tough skin, oily and also quite smelly .They cast extremely well, and distance should not be a problem, fished whole or in sections. The smaller mackerel or joeys as some call them are normally fished whole. When using mackerel sections I prefer to use the tail sections for distance work and the head sections for close in work.

Smelts - can really turn it on some cold days, cucumber smelling with a tough skin these cast well ,light in colour another Good bait for popping up with foam.

Sprats - Another herring like fish but a lot smaller, can be deadly when fresh, a very underrated bait in my opinion good for pre bait too.

Launce - solid heavy bait a species of sand eel can be used in sections I like to slash the sides and fish them on a three hook set up.

Garfish - one of my favourites’ emitting plenty of flavour and blood, good to hook up and cast. Brilliant blues and greens long pointed snout, best fished in sections.