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A very warm welcome to my new site www.Just-Pike-Fishing.co.uk. A new site with a difference, a site just dedicated to the pike angler, fishing tackles, the pike, fishing advice and understanding to catch, land, handle, photo and return your sometimes very hard earned rewards back safely to their natural environment.

My name is Kim Williams; I have been a passionate pike angler for over 35 years, my grandfather taught me and I caught my first ever pike, I was hooked.

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It wasnt a big pike maybe 6 or 7lbs, but it was my personal best, my first pike, the first step on the road to pike dreams the same road I walk today.

It’s not always about the size [if you will pardon the pun] it’s about being there, breathing the air, the wildlife about you, that adrenalin rush when that float twitches, or glides across the surface of that special spot you had saved your best baits for, my mind is racing is this the fish, the fish I have dreamt of, the next step on my exiting road.

A new pike forum to get to understand all our views and differences, and get to chat, show photos and tell all those exiting stories about these beautiful fish.

The site to talk about what types of tackle suit you as an individual and the reasons why!
Pike Fishing updates, email in your catch photos to kim@just-pike-fishing.co.uk

A must have tackle review, tried and tested tackle that we should all have at our disposal, and the knowledge to use it when the time dictates.

An article on weather, moon phases, how they can help you to connect to a fish of a life time.

Baits are you explorative or does the same bait work for you at different venues?

Rigs, we all have our own special rigs or set ups, but are we using them to their right advantages in the right areas.

Boat fishing, a big subject in its self, boat, handling, mooring techniques, onboard equipment, tackle and techniques. A good subject for a chat about, what rocks your boat!

Clothing, what’s your view on what keeps you warm when Jack frosts about all your tips and hints boots, suits, underwear, gloves and hats, summer, winter and autumn.

These are just a few of the subjects I look forward to be covering with your help in the near future.

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Lathams Fishing - Click here